(Update 11-20-19 I’ve made the decision to include all SEC teams, not just the ones listed in the post along with the other teams listed below on the site.)

The site has been going now for several years with mixed success. It’s hard attracting writers when you can’t afford to pay them since the site has no revenue producing ads etc… Since I’ve been doing everything related to the site myself I have decided that it just isn’t possible to cover 297 D1 teams being one person that I need to limit my coverage to certain teams.

I decided to choose teams that I enjoy watching and think are good programs with loyal fans that I think you’ll like hearing about.

Here’s a list (in alphabetical order) of the 6 teams I’ll be covering from this point forward on the site.

1. Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns- this team has a rabid fan base who supports their team and they have a lot to be happy about with this winning program that continues to win year after year.

2. Ole Miss- has a long history but was on hard times until they hired head coach Mike Smith who in the last several years have brought the team to being a yearly playoff team.

3. Tennessee – when you think of the Lady Vols you think of co-head coaches Karen and Ralph Weekly. The coaching duo always finds a way to take young players and mold them in to top notch softball players. They are always in the mix come playoff time.

4. Texas – after a long run with head coach Connie Clark Texas brought in ex-Oregon head coach Mike White to start a new era of Texas softball.

5. Texas A&M – Jo Evans has been guiding the Aggies to the playoffs for many years.

6. University of Pittsburgh – better known to team fans as Pitt this team has been slowly building up their softball program to national providence.

So those 6 teams are the ones I will be primarily covering during the regular season. When it comes playoff time though I will do my best to cover as many games as I can on the site.

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