1. Arizona State has gotten former Alabama pitcher Madison Preston to help shore up their starting lineup that took a big drop with the transfer last season of Giselle “G” Juarez to the University of Oklahoma. Preston didn’t get much time in the circle last year (12.2 innings in 2019 ) due to the great year freshman Montana Fouts had for the Crimson Tide.

2. Oklahoma ace Mariah Lopez is transferring to Arizona head coach Mike Candrea recently announced to pitch for the Wildcats for her senior year.

3. Mississippi State Director of Athletics John Cohen announced that Vann Stuedeman will not return as head coach of the Bulldog softball program. “We are grateful to Vann for eight years of service to Mississippi State softball,” Cohen said. “We appreciate her efforts and contributions to the program. We wish her the very best in her future endeavors. We will move forward immediately with a national search to identify our next head coach.” Stuedeman compiled a 276-189 overall mark and a 69-127 SEC regular-season record in eight seasons “Mississippi State was a dream job come true,” Stuedeman said. “I have enjoyed working with the student-athletes and seeing them develop into strong young women. I am very proud of our success on the field and wish the program all the best moving forward.”

4. Could some of the recent head coaches firings be the result of the transfer portal? The rumors going around are that is why Stuedeman was left go at Mississippi State even though their softball program seemed to be moving in the right direction. Right now there are six Mississippi State players in the transfer portal with rumors of a few more considering going that route with their future plans. After what happened to Oregon last year with the mass exodus of players and now Mississippi State maybe its time for the NCAA to tweak the transfer rules to avoid such devastation happening to teams.

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