You know all about them when it comes to their, fielding, pitching or hitting talents but I wanted to go behind the softball player mask and show you their special talents.

First up, in ‘Behind The Mask,’ is junior transfer Kendall Potts, who at 6’1″ is the tallest player on Texas A&M’s softball roster. That being said the pitcher’s hidden talent is as a artist who uses, prismacolors, soft pastels, panpastel and charcoal to create great art.

I first learned about Potts talents while watching the SEC Network’s recent opening game of the series between Texas A&M and Tennessee. Potts was the starting pitcher for the Aggies and the announcers mentioned her artwork and showed an example of it.

Do yourself a favor and visit Potts’ Instagram page that she has set up for her artwork. There you can view her work. I like how on the page she shows several of her works in different stages of completion.

Here’s the link to the mentioned page:

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